About Us

Welcome to the world of Planet Crave Foods. Our passion is to provide our consumers with organic superfoods that are not only healthy for you, but are also eco-friendly and healthy for our planet. 

Founders Anthony Von’Hagan, (a health food store entrepreneur), and A.M Novelle, (a business executive and wellness professional) found themselves searching high and low for an organic high quality walnut butter in health food stores and natural markets everywhere, however, the perfect blends they craved were simply non-existent. 

 That is, until the duo joined forces to formulate their own unique blends for health conscious consumers who refuse to settle for second best. 

Whether you're searching for Keto, Paleo, or Vegan- we got you covered with blends that fit every lifestyle. So indulge, we know you’ll enjoy them all as much as we do! Our rich blends of Walnut Butter are just the beginning.